Transport - Bus
On the Bus
On the Bus is owned by Mike, a dedicated vintage bus enthusiast. His most popular charter is Sabrina, an old school bus which brings back the child hood laughter atmosphere. A perfect prop for some great photos too. Mikes buses can be hired for any event and custom tours.
Transport - Cars
Classic & Event Style Cars
The hub have contact with many classic and event style cars. Please contact us for further information that suit your request. These cars can also be used for photo props.
Chauffeur & Pre-booked Sober Driver
Terri & her team of drivers are available to drive the clients car. Our service must be booked in advance and can include transfers, tours, wedding cars and sober drivers for up to 11 passengers. We are also booked as a companion service for those in our community who have a car but can no loner drive it. it maintains our clients freedom and offers some general support, like carrying shopping and attending appointments and even accompanying our clients to concerts and activity. This service is also used to look after elderly guests at any function and take them home when it suits them, allowing everyone to continue celebrating.
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