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Members Only Logo
All our members are entitled to use this logo on their literature, website and social media. You wear it proudly as an endorsed member who has accepted the memorandum of understanding to provide a high level of service and integrity. This logo must be removed once membership has lapsed. This logo will also be evidence of your membership to our partners and supporters which can gain you special offers and discounts. We will accept $5.00 donation to help with our admin costs but this holds no obligation.
Members only logo
Please contact us for your LGBTQ Logo, once membership is paid if you would like to promote yourself as an unconditional LGBTQ friendly member. These logos can be used on literature, your website and in social media. This logo represents the high standards and integrity of our hub with the open and welcome attitude of our members. The logo must be removed once membership has lapsed. To help with admin costs there is a fee of $5.00 for this logo
The Wedding Hub NZ - Studio
78 High St, Motueka.
The studio offers our members a space to share in a number of ways. 1/ window - we have a high street window available for exclusive use on a two week turn over. This can be shared with up to three compatible businesses or exclusively for each individual business.The fee starts at $20 per week. 2/ Glass show cabinet - we have two nice cabinets within the showroom. these can be hired exclusively or by the shelf. These are hired on a 3 month basis. The fee starts at $15 per shelf for 3 months and POA for exclusive hire. 3/ Rack Cards on outside wall. You provide the holder we provide the space and keep the racks full. this is on a 6 month hire $2.50 per week paid on a 6 month basis. Limited space available. 4/ Consultation and showroom freedom. We will negotiate options for you to hold a key and have the freedom to use the space for consultation. We have a hair and Make-up corner, a changing room and more. pop in and see what we can provide you. The fee will depend the access required. This is limited to three members at a time. Wifi & Power included. A fantastic option for home based businesses. 5/ Signage on outside wall. based on 1 year. We provide the sign at your cost to our specifications. space from $100.00 PA. Limited space available.
Social Media
Facebook - Members only Group
Follow the Facebook link to join the members only group. This is a place where we can speak openly with like minded industry leaders. You will be kept informed of all our successes and in advance of any public announcements for Hub managed events. You can also share your accolades and success, net work and collaborate.
Special Offers
Photography, Video, Image design & Websites.
If you need help in pulling your image together let us help you. Within the group we have a great team and why not keep it all in house. 1/Photo shoots, with profile photos in the studio or on location 2/Short documentary video on location to showcase behind the sense or your product and service. 3/ Logo design 4/website design that you can be in control of
Shared Costs
Our hub continues to build relationships with companies to benefit our members and clients and with these relationships come opportunity to bulk buy and collaborate.  We have several exciting opportunities in the pipeline that we can not wait to publish, so stay informed by watching this page for new developments. Business Flags - these can cost hundreds of dollars but as a group we can make a dramatic cut in the cost of these flags.  We need at least 10 flags booked to gain these reductions, so if you are interested contact us and be added to the list. We will need high resolution logos and the wording you want printed, with your preferred backdrop colour.  Payment will be required in advance and your mailing address for the items to be sent direct to you.
Shared Costs
Hard Copy Advertising
The Wedding Hub NZ works hard on its members behalf building relationships with hard copy magazines. Look at the example of a recent collaboration in Aspire Magazine. we split the cost between 4 members and gained 150 words within the feature. We also bulk buy in advance, taking the risk that our members will take advantage of the efforts and savings we secure. If you would like to be seen in popular print then contact us to discuss where you can invest and who you can collaborate with. To date - With this Ring, Bride & Groom, Aspire Magazine, Deadline, Ben's NZ with further publication seeing the benefit to work with us. Keep informed by following our Members ONLY Private facebook page
Radio- Fresh FM
An oportunity to shine
Our members will have an oportunity to sponsor an episode of a new show on Fresh FM coming in 2018. The show will then be launched on Podcast and can also be combined with images of you and your service or product and up-loaded onto Youtube. This is a great oportunity to get involved in the development of this exclusive Wedding & Event program. Our listeners will get to know the authentic you and what goes on behind the scenes. One of our members Laura from Makeup Artistry by Laura, was the first to try it on Girls Talk Nov 2017.
Life & Business Coaching
Linda Woodgate - Success of the Authentic You
Linda is based in Motueka and offers a world of experience and has had extensive training to support and help her clients in a multiple number of ways with in general life and business needs. Linda is in support of the Wedding Hub NZ and will offer a consultation to any of our members to assess if she can help you work through your brick walls and stumbling blocks. Please contact the Hub HQ for an introduction to gain benefits.
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