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Industry Membership

The wedding Hub NZ is a pioneering idea of driven industry people who have seen the benefit of joining forces to market and promote the region collectively.  This is not just a directory, this is a club.  By joining, you agree to a high standard of service and integrity and in return, not only do you receive a free listing on this website but take advantage of all the other efforts of collaboration and in some cases have an opportunioty to make savings and earn money back.

The Wedding Hub NZ encourage going the extra mile for customers complete satisfaction.
It’s the simple things that make the difference

There is an affordable fee to join, which reflects on the Wedding Hub’s inferencey but already we have many partners with more interested parties in the pipe line, excited to give our members exclusive discounts and advice and even returns. This includes complimentary services like eftpos and insurance, discounts in radio, print media and TV.  Other opportunities for work shops to gain insight and improve your business, as well as you offering workshops to our couples, giving you access directly to the people that count.

Because this isn’t just a directory we will encourage all members to get involved and engage in the innitiatives developed over time. The more involved you get the more you will gain from these efforts.  We are also here to listen to your ideas and help and support them into reality.

The Wedding Hub NZ members save couples all the stress and worry of planning an event.
The Wedding Hub members offer the best in service

The Wedding Hub NZ is already engaged in several dynamic events; The Pop-up at the Playhouse, One Shot Wedding Open Day and the new improved Nelson Wedding Show.  By becoming a member of the Wedding Hub NZ you will gain not only priority on show sites but a discount of no less than 10% giving you an instant return on your investment.

We aim to go beyond the obvious needs within the industry, to reflect and promote a great abundance in our regions suppliers to service the desire and tastes of our local, national and international visiting couples, so this is not an exclusive group, we welcome everyone who promises a great customer experience what ever the budget and work proudly together as an industry team.

Contact The Wedding Hub NZ for the local knowledge to find the right entertainment for you.
Music and Entertainment by Wedding Hub NZ industry members

The Wedding Hub NZ is developing a music and entertainment directory too. Ian Ramsden, a local music enthusiast and radio presenter is keen to hear from any music and entertainment businesses who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to get in front of the crowd.  We encourage demo and video evidence of the music and entertainment you offer.

If your a Mum or Dad, you know how frustrating it is to miss the action to tend to the children. for your scanty and their safety book a child minder.
Child Care Services – The Wedding Hub NZ

We understand the difficulties for our couples guests who have small children and encourage any children entertainers, child minders and activities to join our Wedding Hub and take part in our shows and events.

As an industry group of seasoned event providers, we experience the difficulties couples have to find the suppliers they need. The intention is to create an easy experience for couples to find, not only what they are looking for but to feel confident in their accountability and quality of service offered.

We will soon have an on line application form but in the mean time please contact us with your interest, we will be delighted to hear from you


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