Code of Ethics

The Wedding Hub NZ Code of Ethics

For us to achve the highest standards in our industry our members accept there must be a basic rule of understanding that we do adhire to as part of this world class community.

• members shall implement good ethical, reliable and competent conduct when providing a service or product, which will protect the customer against unfair practices. • members shall implement good safety principles to protect the public and other members of our community.

• members shall abide by all government regulations, safety acts, licenses and laws of New Zealand • Members shall honour all agreements with customers, suppliers, and other TWHNZ members. • Members shall strive to take advantage of all TWHNZ initiatives to improve their skills • Members shall strive to take advantage of all TWHNZ cross marketing and bulk buying opportunities. • members shall promote their personal professional experience, qualifications and awards truthfully. • Members must clearly communicate regarding event packages, content, services, product, price where appropriate, terms and conditions and disclosure. • Members shall without conditions accept business from a customer regardless of race, physical disability, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, age or gracefully pass on another TWHNZ member who can better provide the service unconditionally. Members shall promote and represent TWHNZ to the highest of standards. • Members will hold at least the minimum Public Liability insurance required to protect customers of any damage or disaster. • Members shall retain the moral rights in ownership of all intellectual property that TWHNZ members create unless agreed otherwise in advance with our clients. • Members will engage and promote other members whenever possible • Members will hold all other members and customer’s information securely and in confidence and adhere to the New Zealand privacy act 1993 • Members shall show the utmost consideration for other members by extending respect and co-operation within the affairs of other members who may share information in confidence. • Members shall maintain the trust of TWHNZ and member’s clients. • In the case of a complaint members must follow the procedures set down by TWHNZ •

Copy right The Wedding Hub NZ Amended May 2017

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